Update: November 7 2004

Success? Failure?

100 e-mail messages were received, some mail was bounced. The Inbox filled up nightly which caused mail to be rejected.

An unknown number of instant messages were lost but quite a few did come in. Most messages were lost unread because our client can only handle so many conversations at once.

Fat people are tricky to photograph. They don't fall for the "I'm just practicing, can I take your picture?" routine.

Eventually we fell back on documenting the bear-themed areas of the park.

Thank you for the obscenities, death threats, football scores and nifty pictures to offset the, uh, magic that is Disneyland.




Original announcement follows:

November 5th, 6th and 7th 2004

Dear Reader,

You are invited to send an AIM-flavored Instant Message to pantsdisneyland during the weekend of November 5-7.

Jerkcity staff, mostly the kitchen crew and some dock workers, have been dispatched to the park to receive messages as you send them.

If you are allergic to AIM, e-mail to pantsdisneyland@jerkcity.com works also. You may wish to attach small images, gif, png or jpeg, to your message. (Do not send the Goatse guy, we've seen that, please send a picture of your pretty, pretty face instead. Or your toilet. Whatever.)

Since IMs and e-mail will be received in real-time, you may well receive a reply during the hours of 07:00 - 23:00 California time. This depends on service coverage and the amount of drinking involved.

Requests for live photographs will result in a picture taken then e-mailed to you in JPEG form as a MIME attachment. Please indicate whether you would like a photograph of a fat person, a urinal, a toilet, a hidden mickey or something related/horrible.