pot brownie recipe

"pot brownie recipe" | Wednesday, December 11, 2002 | No. 1,534
</tt><h3>ozone's pot brownie recipe</h3><tt>
1/3 c flour 1/4 teasp baking powder 3 tablesp shortening (butter works fine) 3/4 c sugar (brown works great) dash salt 2 tablesp corn syrup 1 beaten egg 1 square baking chocolate 1 tablesp vanilla 3/4 c chopped nuts (optional) a coffee grinder half full, finely ground<p>
the corn syrup seems to be the key to the whole thing. there's no need to clean the active ingredient, just stuff it in there whole. make a pot of coffee afterwards without cleaning the grinder.<p>
mix shortening, sugar, corn syrup, egg, sift in flour, baking powder, salt, stir in chocolate and everything else. put greased 8" pan (glass is best). bake 20 minutes at 350f let cool. cut into 8 pieces. test carefully.

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